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Hotel Knurrhahn in Glücksburg

Flexible Catering

Enjoy your first coffee of the morning on your balcony, because no breakfast times are hurrying you. You prepare your breakfast whenever you are ready in our fully equipped kitchen. Now you will have to decide: balcony, garden, beach or breakfast room – where will you have breakfast today?

Also, everyone who doesn’t want to go to a restaurant every day, but prefers maybe a pizza on the bed, or a self-grilled Schnitzel from the BBQ, will feel great in our Sleeping Haven. Even the gourmet chef can practice his or her art in our kitchen – we even have a steam oven.

  • Leih-Kaffeemaschine
  • Hotel Glücksburg (Ostsee) Knurrhahn Schlafenhafen
  • Hotel Glücksburg (Ostsee) Knurrhahn Schlafenhafen
Hotel Knurrhahn in Glücksburg

Sleep well

When we decided to open a hotel, it was clear: the most important thing is that our guests sleep well. So we never tried to save money with cheap mattresses. For each sleeper a separate mattress and a separate slatted frame! There are no double beds with mattress.

Our beds are unique beauties – restored with love. Many of them with storage space for guests with lots of luggage. The slatted frames are modern and almost all are adjustable.

Thinking about allergy sufferers we renounce feather beds. We use hygienic, hypoallergenic mattress covers as well as fully washable blankets and pillows.

On request, our guests get special pillows, which make their sleep even more relaxing. For severe sleep disorders, you can book the psychotherapeutic services of your host.

Hotel Knurrhahn in Glücksburg


The sea inside

As sailors and world travelers, we like to surround ourselves with maritime treasures and curiosities.


The decor is, of course, taste, but about the beds there are probably no two opinions: You must be able to sleep well in it.

Hotel Knurrhahn in Glücksburg


Your hosts

In the summer of 2014, an elderly couple from Denmark stood in the doorway of Hotel Knurrhahn and asked “Do you have a room?”. And this is how our story began here in Glücksburg on the Baltic Sea.

We, Birgit Buchloh and Martin Adler, had been looking for a hotel in Germany to give seminars as a midwife and a psychotherapist. Nothing came of it.

Instead, we found a small, rummel and shabby pension and made it to a – as we think – pretty, cozy and individual hotel with three DEHOGA stars*.

We are North Germans: the sea and the people and their way of life have forced us to settle here on this coast. Sailing, chatting, drinking tea (surely also with rum), eating fish, cool “Flens” on the beach, November storms … that is at home for us.

Our love for the sea is not easily overlooked, if you look at the furnishings of our hotel.

* DEHOGA insists we mention that we have not recertified in 2021. Our hotel is still as cozy and beautiful, though.