Your hosts

In the summer of 2014, an elderly couple from Denmark stood in the doorway of Hotel Knurrhahn and asked “Do you have a room?”. And this is how our story began here in Glücksburg on the Baltic Sea.

We, Birgit Buchloh and Martin Adler, had been looking for a hotel in Germany to give seminars as a midwife and a psychotherapist. Nothing came of it.

Instead, we found a small, rummel and shabby pension and made it to a – as we think – pretty, cozy and individual hotel with three DEHOGA stars.

We are North Germans: the sea and the people and their way of life have forced us to settle here on this coast. Sailing, chatting, drinking tea (surely also with rum), eating fish, cool “Flens” on the beach, November storms … that is at home for us.

Our love for the sea is not easily overlooked, if you look at the furnishings of our hotel.